The Sparflex SPIRIT/

Shared Culture and Values.

All of our employees share and bring the SPARFLEX culture, values – Work, Entrepreneurship etc. – and state of mind or as they say in French, ‘un état d’ESPRIT’:

• Entrepreneurial spirit
• Satisfied customers
• Performance and value creation
• Respect, attentiveness and assertiveness
• Involvement, daring and Innovation
• Team work

From continual improvement to manufacturing performance/

The goal of our approach to quality is to improve the company’s performance in the interest of clients.

Quality, security, the expertise of our personnel, and client service are the main focuses of our policy of continual improvement. To achieve this, Le Muselet Valentin relies on Sparflex’s values, QSE policy and the ISO 9001 (version 2008) standard for the quality of its products and organisation.

The ISO standard is a powerful tool for motivating our teams to work towards a process of permanent improvement and one which unites them in the quest for excellence so that we can offer products which are increasingly innovative.