2013: Le Muselet Valentin completes its internal development, which has taken place several years, with its incorporation of optimal performance new-generation machines. It represents an investment which goes hand in hand with the roll-out of digital printing technology.

2012: The excellence of Le Muselet Valentin workshops’ expertise is rewarded with the ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’ (A Living Heritage Business) label.

2010: Investments are made to provide the manufacturing plant with a pad printing workshop.

1998: Valentin is rescued by the Sparflex group. Sparflex understands how to retain its historic expertise, prepare for technological change, and at the same time retain the culture of this manufacturing process, which led to the creation of the modern wirehood and contributed to the automation of the Maisons de Champagne’s production lines from the 1960s onwards.

Traditional expertise/

Our employees – engineers, technicians, mechanics, and operators – are responsible for the quality of our products and sustaining Le Muselet Valentin’s expertise. With precision and detail, the search for perfection, and sharing and passing on expertise, our teams ensure the quality of our wire hoods once they have undergone extensive training.

Le Muselet Valentin stands out not only by preserving its living heritage but also by evolving its production techniques.

Industrial expertise which is constantly changing/

Le Muselet Valentin ensures the high-level performance of its industrial plant by constantly investing in new technologies and has a range of machines which have been fully developed by its own engineers and technicians, where tradition and innovation are combined and older and new-generation machines sit side by side.